Meet Lea and Sera Manzi, Co Founders and Master Instructors of LIVFiT+REFUEL in Andover, Ma. Over the years, these sisters have taken classic barre classes up a notch with an effective, circuit based formula for all fitness levels. Both teach and create many of the classes offered, and have a small team of well versed instructors that share the same passion for helping others achieve their goals. When you walk into the studio room you can feel others purpose and energy, and the sense of community that has naturally formed is something the sisters are proud of and encourage.


​Over the years they have studied various Barre inspired formats, and began their business certified in The C_Method, which they still offer today in studio. They have also created various 50 minute classes incorporating the sculpting and curve enhancing method of "barre" and adding in the the calorie burning and endurance of "cardio". By combining these elements of strength and sweat, they have been able to provide a successful platform of barre and strength classes for all fitness levels and body types. Their vision is embracing curves and creating strong minds and bodies.

After years of instructing and running the Andover studio, the sisters have now expanded to a virtual platform! They are thrilled to offer not only a studio space but now a virtual space as well. Those looking to expand their fitness journey can now access 10-30 minute videos broken down into target muscle areas like arms, core, pelvic floor, booty and more. Combine any of these quick hit classes for a total body burn on your own time and at your fingertips!

"When we walk into the studio you can feel the energy from everyone. We vibe off each others drive and hard work every day. The music, the people, and the feeling you get during and after our classes is one of a kind. We could not be more proud to call this place our second home." - Lea and Sera