Hello and welcome to my page! I am a mom of 3, living in Massacusetts, and working out is a big part of my weekly routine. I started creating quick, effective, target muscle workouts during the covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and decided to keep the cameras rolling as the world adapted to at home and virtual workouts!

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My Story

My fitness and instructor background started in 2016! I became a certified master instructor of Barre and pre/post natal women's health. I opened a studio with my sister in Andover, Mass in January of 2017 that had many ups and downs. As we started to finally gain traction in 2019 and were ready to expand our brick and mortar studio, the covid-19 pandemic hit world wide. Eveything came to a hault in a single day and we resorted to keeping women's health and fitness at the forefront by taking our classes virtual! After we were able to reopen our studio in Andover at a reduced capacity, the fitness world was a tough one to keep running. I decided to close our studio in Andover, Mass and adapt to the ever changing fitness world...the at home workout being one of the most popular and convenient ways of movement of our current time!

What will you experience when purchasing access to my virtual library? 100+ workouts that range from 10-30 minutes. I mostly use your own body weight, but encourage a set of 3-5 lb weights if you have them! Every video is filmed by myself, and I show modified and advanced throughout EACH workout you choose from. My virtual library is also always expanding. I add to the virtual library every month! No workout ever being the same.

My goal is to make people MOVE their bodies every day or every week. You go at your own pace. These workouts are designed for every determine whether you want to go advanced and modified. Some examples of my workouts focus on arms, glutes, inner thinghs, core strength and more!

Please email me at for any questions you may have. If you have a current or past injury you will want to consult your doctor (not me!) if it is safe to workout for what you are currently experiencing.


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